Saturday, February 17, 2018

Never Vacation With Aussies

World's Greatest Youtuber Hates Bus Rides

Frustrated By His Lack Of Popularity, Worlds Greatest Youtuber Turns Hacker

How Britbong Gets Banned

I don't doubt there are people who hate Britbong and report him in hopes that he'll get in trouble, but that's not what gets him banned.

He lost his first youtube account for attacking Angry Joe and Total Biscuit
He lost his second youtube account for attacking Russoplays
He lost his third youtube account for attacking AngryGrandpa
He lost his twitch account for raiding other twitch streamers
He lost his Hitbox account for playing a Nazi game on a European platform
He lost his second Twitch account because he evaded the ban on his first one
He narrowly escaped losing his account because he raided a bunch of Twitch streamers, including death threats.

Do you see the pattern here?  If he didn't go out of his way to attack other people, he'd never be banned.

Every loser in his Secondlife videos reported them and nothing happened until he attacked another YouTuber.  Attacking a Youtube Streamer, while streaming on Youtube himself got him shut down.  If he stuck with raiding people on other platforms, Youtube probably would have let it slide.

Maybe if he gave up on this victim complex crying and started looking at his situation logically it might start to improve.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Marvel / Overwatch Crossover

Black Panther Is Amazing

The theater I attended had the most amazing trailer for a coming attraction.

The movie is actually really good.  If the Afrocentric thing really bothers you then look at it as an exploitation film, sort of like Blackula, but with spaceships.

Just be glad the Wesley Snipes version was never made.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Bad Timing NRA

Vendors and Creators