Thursday, March 15, 2018

People of Low Character

This afternoon I was sent a recording of someone I admired attacking another user's disabled child because he couldn't handle the banter on Secondlife.  No matter who you're fighting or why, once you start to disparage their children, the argument is over and it happens on Secondlife far too often. 

There's a video of me trying to explain this to Aliya Sahara when someone was holding up photos of another user's minor son, but, as usual Aliya Sahara was too stupid to understand, even when I made the point that I could just as easily do it  to her child if I was also lacking in character.

I'm not going to expose this person like I did Monkeycheese, because it is somebody I used to like, but I'm sure they know who they are.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Britbong Banned Again

It's kind of a joke at this point, but Britbong is banned on twitter again.

I have no idea what he did this time.  He only had this twitter account for about 10 days.  There may be a few things going on.

For one, most of these services mean it when they ban you.  Especially if they've had to ban you multiple times.  Most of them have ways of discovering people they had to ban before and ban them again.

A second possibility is that Britbong usually doesn't make just one account.  He'll make one main one where he more or less behaves, then two or three others where he does his really dodgy shit from.  Youtube, Twitter and Secondlife all have ways to discover which are your alt accounts, so he might be just posting stream announcements on one account while telling people to kill themselves on others.

A third, and more interesting possibility is that Britbong has been banned from Twitter five times that I know of since the November 9th Baited Podcast, which everyone knows is about Britbong false-flagging the twitter accounts of other youtubers.  In it, Keemstar talks about Karma.  I'm not saying Keemstar is the one behind blacklisting Britbong on twitter, but Britbong was responsible for a lot of people losing their twitter accounts, so there's a pretty good chance one or more of them are making sure he never has a stable twitter account again.

In regards to my third point, it's interesting that one of the members of the Baited podcast visited Britbong's discord to inquire about his twitter banning:

I wouldn't call this a smoking gun that they were involved in his banning, but he's clearly rubbing it in.

Since I wrote this, Britbong's been banned on youtube yet again.  He's going through about one youtube account a week.  I wonder how long it'll take for him to get the hint.

Derrick Vs Tina Turner

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Britbong Starts A New Career

Unable to maintain any sort of stable presence on YouTube or Twitch since his ban, Britbongreturns announced today that he'd be moving to the third most popular video site: Pornhub.

No word yet on whether or not he'll be posting to the trans section where he does most of his viewing.

(People think I make this shit up, but he really is doing it.  He announced it on the fifth twitter account he's had since he started getting banned there this fall)

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