Thursday, November 23, 2017

Harrison in Pimp's Lap

Photo Credit by Connie Darkfold
For some reason Harrison had thanksgiving dinner at nearly 4:00 am the night before.  Maybe he ate at waffle house?

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The Sad Fate Of Help Island Public

Without warning or notice, Linden Lab turned off voice both at Help Island 1 and Help Island 2

Sad Thanksgiving For cheche143.gothly

The day before thanksgiving, Cheche143's husband, his daughter and her daughter left for Kentucky, leaving her alone in Florida to spend thanksgiving getting stoned and masturbating with vctrsone

2017 Is Almost Over and Dfuse is Still Ugly

[01:57] Prodigal Son (dfuse): i heard you're still obsessed with me
[01:59]  Ƙяιѕтι (xxalexiesxx): i heard you still have an acid face
[02:00] Prodigal Son (dfuse): have a look
[02:00] Prodigal Son (dfuse): my skin and face is beautiful
[02:00]  Ƙяιѕтι (xxalexiesxx): you look like a forest frog fuck off

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