Saturday, January 30, 2016

Little Known Facts About BritbongReturns

If you've found this page, it's probably because he's harassed you, on a game, or twitter or some other social media.  You'd be surprised how many people find this page because of that and how many people send me email about it.

He used to be ManlytearsUK, who  was literally ran off 4chan for being unpopular.  His parents simply don't care.  In a house-full of people on public assistance his autism makes him a top earner.

Below you'll find a few other intersting tibdits about Britbongreturns, ManltearsUK, Dominic Vanner.
  • Is losing badly in an "Internet war" with DanielfromSL (who considers the whole thing a big joke.)  ** update ** was ultimately forced to bend-the-knee to house Daniel when it became clear he had no hope of winning.
  • Britbongreturns Is nearly 30 years old
  • Used his government benefits to purchase over 10k fake subscribers to his youtube channel from an Indian Company to jump start his channel.
  • Is slightly over 5' 4" tall
  • Makes less than $500 a month from his youtube videos
  • Has never owned a driver's license
  • Has only had one job in his entire life (as an assistant hairdresser for 2 weeks)  He suffers from mildly-functional autism so this is unlikely to change.
  • Received government benefits for his autism but had them taken away when "someone" reported his youtube channel and he had to re-pay the crown thousands of pounds plus fines.
  • Has only had one girlfriend in his entire life (which he met on Secondlife and only lasted for 3 weeks) ** now 2, the second also from Secondlife with the same result.
  • Doxed his ex (see above) during one of his streams and encouraged his viewers to call her at work
  • Made a steam group to harass and defame his ex (see above)
  • Made an encyclopedia dramatica article to harass and defame his ex (see above)
  • Lied about creating "Forever Alone"
  • Lied about being Ralph Pootawn
  • Has never lived outside of his mother's home
  • Was banned from 4chan (as manlytearsuk) not for trolling (which they don't care about) but for self promotion (which they find annoying)
  • Was banned multipile times from steam for cheating Ban1 Ban2 Ban3 
  • Britbongretruns started his youtube career, not with comedy, but making videos attacking Angry Joe about his dead friend.  Most of the videos were removed and he lost his original channel, hence Britbong"returns"
  • Used his Christmas money to buy banner advertising on 4chan (but got banned again anyway)
  • Wears his hair long to hide a rapdily receding hairline (ala Donald Trump)
  • Is the only Secondlife Youtube "troll" to actually play Secondife (every single day) or use Secondlife to meet girls (not too successfully)
  • Was Banned From Twitch For Harassing Other Twitch Streamers
  • Was Banned From SecondLife For Doxing Teenage Girls
  • Was Banned From Hitbox (a European company) for streaming a Nazi role-play game
  • Britbongretruns Has Been Known To give away the Pay Pal Details of people who donated on his stream when he considers them disloyal
  • Adds people to Skype in order to get their IP and DDOS them
  • Suffers from extreme social anxiety and rarely leaves his home
  • Was expelled from high school before graduation due to severe behavior problems
  • Had a fairly notorious on-line affair with a trans-girl from secondlife.
  • Lacked sufficient testosterone to grow a beard until he was 28 (for some reason he tweeted about it)
  • Has used his stream and/or discord to expose and/or dox every woman he's ever been involved with, including: Upraksi, Ehlnofey, Summer, LittleTen, MrNoob
  • Sometime in 2015 posted photos of himself in a dress to /r/transpassing.  It's yet to be determined if this was meant as a joke.  Later, an ebay account used to purchase women's clothing was traced back to him.
  • Was ultimately and finally banned from YouTube for harassing a Roblox streamer known as RussoPlays.  Upon moving to twitch for streaming, it became clear that Britbong faked his viewer numbers on YouTube all along (as was suspected). 

Britbongreturns Harasses Upraksi On Valentines Day
A Year After She Dumped Him

Britbongreturns Will Throw Shit At Your Windows

  • keklordbritbong: Hahaha you cried like a little bitch to your synops butt buddy, but I contacted a higher up.
  • Keklordbritbong: Now I am going to start posting the pictures I have been sent of you
  • keklordbritbong: :)
  • keklordbritbong: expect some new pictures of you to show up
  • Kopycake (lucifer.mexicola): I didn't cry to anyone
  • Kopycake (lucifer.mexicola): They're wise to your mshenanigens
  • keklordbritbong: butthurt is the word
  • keklordbritbong: like you
  • Kopycake (lucifer.mexicola): You mad that you got banned?
  • keklordbritbong: You better watch your back if I ever come to california
  • Kopycake (lucifer.mexicola): Whatcha gonna do? Talk me to death?
  • keklordbritbong: people who were very close give me everything about you
  • keklordbritbong: and it will make it's way to your page
  • keklordbritbong: and I will make sure everyone sees it
  • Kopycake (lucifer.mexicola): Oh no.
  • keklordbritbong: I think it's hilarious how you dont realize I can ruin your life and chose not to for xxx's sake.
  • keklordbritbong: i am starting to not care
  • keklordbritbong: I have over 100 people in California alone who would walk up to your door and throw shit at your windows
  • keklordbritbong: rofl
  • Kopycake (lucifer.mexicola): bring it
  • keklordbritbong: you're so fucking stupid
  • Kopycake (lucifer.mexicola): Have your "guys" come to california.
  • Kopycake (lucifer.mexicola): Yout nhink I'm scared of a manlet in britfagland?

Friday, January 29, 2016

Not Safe To Donate Or Subscribe to BritbongReturns

A high school girl who donated to BritbongReturns found herself regretting it when Britbongreturns decided to pass out her paypal information in Secondlife when she rejected his advances

This isn't the first time it's happened either.  If you donate or subscribe to Britbongreturns on Hitbox there's a fairly good chance he'll give out your paypal info, even to his "friends" who will try to hack the account "brute force".

Facts About BritbongReturns

Britbongreturns Stalks Girls Who Reject Him

On Twitter, On Facebook, On Steam, On Secondlife, By Phone, All thse girls Rejected Britbong's advances and were harassed endlessly by BritbongReturns

It should also be noted that none of these are girls from real-life.  Britbongreturns doesn't date in RL, only on Secondlife

BritbongReturns Threatens A High School Student

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Effects of The videogamedunkey Secondlife Video DanielfromSL BritbongReturns

As you can see, BritbongReturns had a small increase but DanielfromSL had a much lager increase

Just To Keep Things In Perspective The Video Below has 5 Million Views -- 5 times more than any secondlife video ever made.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Featured In The videogamedunkey Video

Featured In The videogamedunkey Video

Proj3ct Purp1e
Ellen Frog
Dreams Emerald
In the Wake of the Dunkee Video –

  • Esteban Winsmore had over 800 viewers on Twitch
  • DanielfromSL had over 1000 Viewers on Twitch
  • Britbongreturns Had over 200 Viewers on Hitbox**
*** Britbongreturns Had an account on twitch but was banned for harassing other streamers.

Britbongreturns Has Trouble With Rules

The Rules Britbongrturns Has Posted To His Hitbox Channel He Himself Breaks Pretty Much Every Moment He's in Violet on Secondlife


  • No begging for games (Britbong Begs For A Lot More Than Just Games)
  • No Advertising (lol get real)
  • No Flooding/Spam (see above)
  • No Doxing (Britbongreturns mainly doxes teenage girls who won't add him on skype)
  • No drama (lol)
  • If you don't like another regular viewer just block them, keep it chill or be squished.  (See above)

Britbongreturns (manlytearsUK) might be schitsophrenic on these issues

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Jewel Leissa

There's a few things you need to know about Jewel Leissa

To begin with, the nonnsese about not having vocal chords is bullshit.

As you can see from him/her video below, his/her voice works very well

Yes, it's true, this weird ginger was born a man and his/her voice still works very well.

He doesn't like to use the voice chanel on secondlife because he's a bit paranoid of people grabbing his IP but not smart enough to use a VPN

Britbongreturns doxes (yet another) High School Girl Who Won't Love Him

For some reason Britbongreturns (manlytearsuk) decided to dox a high school student who wouldn't add him on skype 

[2016/01/12 19:53]  Pedowizard (autismbenefits): If you want Roo (Calmingly) number here it is 1+ (9**) 5**-****

Apparantly now his story is that she gave out his number first (which she denies).

The question remains: why is a 30 year old  jobless weirdo adding high school girls to skype and phone?

BritbongReturns At It Again

Winter Lecker Is Fucking Insane

Leslie Whittenstall aka Winter Lecker aka frozty2u has contacted the police in city to ask them to prevent me from driving 3,000 miles to california, looking in the window of her apartment and driving 3,000 miles home.

The Mayor of my city decided to file her complaint under Crazy Old Bitch

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Britbong In Love With Trans Girl

After spending months alone, Britbongreturns, (aka manlytearsUK) has finally found a girl/boy to love

  • [1/15/2016 5: 05:26 PM] Britbong: they are nice pictures
  • [1/15/2016 5: 05:28 PM] Britbong: tbh
  • [1/15/2016 5: 05:43 PM] Britbong: probably going to fap in a minute honestly
  • [1/15/2016 5: 05:53 PM] ♥Hunny サラ: I am very flattered
  • [1/15/2016 5: 06:04 PM] Britbong: really
  • [1/15/2016 5: 06:21 PM] ♥Hunny サラ: yes
  • [1/15/2016 5: 06:41 PM] ♥Hunny サラ: if I wasn't engaged I'd leap at the opportunity to fuck you
  • [1/15/2016 5: 06:51 PM] Britbong: ;_:
  • [1/15/2016 5: 07:25 PM] Britbong: hehe well i wouldn't tell anyone ;)
  • [1/15/2016 5: 07:37 PM] ♥Hunny サラ: haha

Photos Of The TransGirl  In Question

Just to clarify, MSAlchemy never cheated on her boyfriend.  She didn't send the photos to Britbongreturns, someone else did, after which he pursued a sexual encounter with MSAlchemy, insisting she add him to skype, etc, and she rejected his advances.

BritbongReturns Historical Document

Public Menace
For some reason he also decided to dox a high school student who wouldn't add him on skype [2016/01/12 19:53]  Pedowizard (autismbenefits): If you want Roo (Calmingly) number here it is 1+ (9**) 5**-****

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